Bookings and Reservations
Some of the services that travel agencies perform other than booking tickets for airlines, hotels, rental cars or other modes of travel include evaluations, tours, itineraries, travel tips and help with frequent-flier programs. You can receive help with the financial aspects such as costs, currency, credit cards and more. In addition, you can receive help with problems such as warnings, weather, regulations, documentation and possible hazards.

Packages and Tickets
Generally, travel agencies provide services such as helping to arrange plans, packages and booking tickets. They help with the travel schedule by obtaining reservations for airlines, lodging and rental cars. Based on their experience and expertise, they can also give you ratings of services and facilities you may encounter. Some may evaluate accommodations for comfort, cleanliness and quality and make recommendations based on what they know.

Travel consultations can provide information on the geography and weather in addition to the history of the city or region you may be traveling to. You might get useful information on the culture as well. You can even get help on which maps and guidebooks you should have. In some cases, you can even get directions from one place to another when you arrive and are traveling independently.

Travel Deals, Discounts and Expenses
Travel agents can help with financial issues such as travel expenses and other costs. If you have to travel on a budget, you can get information on discounts and coupons to help make your excursion more affordable. A travel agent can help you find bargains and to get the best value for your dollar. You can also get information on which credit cards would be the most useful. The major credit cards used for travel include American Express, MasterCard and Visa. You can also get advice on whether or not to get travelers checks and how much cash to carry. Information on currency exchange rates is also available.

No matter what you're travel situation or purpose, you can find the information and service you need through a knowledgeable travel agent. A travel agency can be your most important resource in planning a successful trip.
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